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How do I whitelist an email address?
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Whitelisting my email address help to assure that email from my systems about your account get to you.

Recent changes to SPAM laws, and the very strict policies of Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo and other major providers made this very necessary.

You could be trying to reset a password and have the message block by your email provider if you do not do this.

I suggest adding all of the following address to your email account as whitelisted. This covers all my websites, accounts and domains.

Unfortunately the reason for so many email addresses rather than just one is because of these SPAM laws. The email address sent from much match the domain name. So I cannot send an email from as It is will rejected by the server.

Here are links to help with "whitelisting"

1) Gmail - Googlemail
2) Outlook,, Hotmail
3) Yahoo

This is not a hard process, and it does vary from provider to provider. If you have issues with doing this, or your provider is different put in a Ticket and I will get you more detail instructions.

Thank you!

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