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Avishek maity

Very informetive

Nice way to understand the real art

Yes I do recommend about it to my friends


I'm New to Kyusho

I’m new to Kyusho Jitsu, and purchased your Dim Mak course a couple of days ago. I also pre-ordered a couple of your Ebooks. You present TCM in a way I haven’t seen or heard before.

I’ve been studying and practicing Tai Chi/Chi Gung/Dim Mak for a number of years.

During all that time, I instinctively knew something was missing. I knew about the meridian cycle (Diurnal Cycle), but not the way you explained it. You reveal secret inside information in a way a Novice like me can easily comprehend.

I didn’t mean to get off track, but I had to say your material is very impressive.

Thank you so much,


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