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What Others Have Said About this Course

J. Turnbow

"What I like is that it's online, available anywhere, anytime, which with my schedule between work, college, teaching tae kwon do - I need. Thank you so much for your hard work," J. Turnbow

Daniel Mcquaigue

"Dear grand master mason. I've been impressed with your courses last few years and find you a real master in Kyusho Jitsu or as the Chinese say dim Mak! Your friend in training.... Yogi Dan...."Daniel Mcquaigue

C Washington

"This is an excellent course that offers a great introduction to Kyusho. Master Mason is also eager to answer any questions you may have. I also have enjoyed some of the discounts on products that are offered in the mini-course. I have even asked my black belts to sign up for it too." C Washington

Tony Plant

Very interesting.

Very clear.

What parts of the body are Fire, Metal, Wood, Earth & Water.


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